Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What has happened to honesty?????!!!!!!

This is off topic but I have to vent!!

I made a mistake, a huge mistake and I will assume full responsibility for the error. I mailed a package to the wrong address.

It was an eBay item and I had already mailed one item to this person, person #1. The last names were very similar and I screwed up and put wrong address on the second parcel. When the non-delivery to person #2 was brought to my attention I started going through my Post Office receipts and discovered the error.

Person #1 had been in receipt of the wrong package and their own package for almost a month and has not said a word even though an invoice to the correct person was enclosed in the package. Fortunately the item was insured.

Regardless, according to the Post Office this is a felony offense. They should have refused delivery of the item or at the very least returned it at my expense. The Lt. General for this person's Post Office will now go and attempt to retrieve the item from this thief and I will leave very negative feedback about them on eBay.

I am shocked and appalled that our morals have degenerated to this level. I am angry that someone has to stoop to theft in order to obtain a stinking birdcage.

I believe strongly in what you put out there comes back to you threefold, call it karma or what you will. This is why I strive to do good, be kind and treat others as I want to be treated. But.... there is another side to me.... you DO NOT WANT ME MAD AT YOU. I can be mean and spiteful if crossed or if you mess with my family. I do not like liars, cheats, people that harm children or that don't pay their child support. In my eyes these are the lowest forms of pond scum there is on this earth and I have a zero tolerance policy with these folks. There is no excuse for this type of behavior and this includes people that knowingly steal mail.

Comments anyone????

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Grannys Attic Antiques said...

Just an update on this post and rant.....

My honesty and integrity have paid off. I had insured the item so I am only out the postage since the Post Office refunded me the insured amount on the very day that I filed the claim.

Since I had NEVER filed on an insurance claim previously they felt comfortable in paying at that moment. I later found out that the other person did receive the item and the Post Office has filed charges against them.

Crime doesn't pay folks and it is a myth that if you receive something in the mail that you didn't order that it is considered a "gift". If you keep it it is felony theft.

Think about it.