Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Reproduction Alert - Buyer Beware

Here are the most recent reproduction alerts that I have caught wind of.

How can you tell a reproduction antique from the real thing? Educate yourself. Visit antique shops that carry authentic antiques and collectibles and touch, smell and examine them. Read, read, read.

We are never too old to learn new things.

  • Cobalt blue Shirley Temple glassware with a white graphic of Shirley Temple has been being reproduced for quite sometime. The original glassware is thin and delicate with a fairly good image of Shirley Temple. The new glassware in heavy and thick and the graphic doesn't really look like Shirley at all. The original glassware was made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Co. in the 1930's therefore, most of the original glassware will show some wear to the white image.
  • 30 inch Gulf Oil Signs. The repros have smaller hanging holes than the originals and the shading is uneven.
  • 19th Century Shenandoah Valley pottery was being faked by a woman in PA. The original pieces were made by John or Solomon Bell from Maryland and this loony woman was recreating these pieces with the intent of duping collector's into thinking that these were originals. Shame on you!!!
  • Dazey glass jar churns.
  • Any toy or game marked Schylling is probably not old.
  • The above mentioned company is selling reproduction tin robots and other tin toys.
  • Hen covered dishes have been reproduced for quite sometime. The new ones have a few clues that you can look for. New dishes are made in patterns not originally made by Imperial or Westmoreland. The tails don't have much detail. Most look like carnival glass. The top and bottom don't fit together tightly.
  • Holt Howard Pixieware is being remade but it is marked differently. It is being made by the original designer Curt Blanchard and is in several new designs.
  • Old fashioned kitchen towels with vintage looking designs are back and cute as ever.
  • McCoy Pottery is being reproduced and the marks look the same only the item has some differences

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