Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What To Do, What To Do

Have you ever just hit the wall with a big project? It is staring you in the face day after day and it just seems like it is just too massive to do anything about?

Well I am there. I still have a couple hundred boxes in my house and garage from the closure of my antique shop a year ago February. I believe I have already talked about the massive mess and it isn't getting any better.

I know how crazy it sounds when I say that it is just a project that is so massive I don't know that there will ever be an end in sight and it won't improve as long as I have this screwy mindset about it. I just wish I could go to bed at night and wake-up and it is all gone. Actually, when we had tornadoes tearing through Kansas and Missouri I secretly wished that one would hit my house... of course I wanted my family and pets to be okay but the storm would just suck all this crap out and scatter it all over the city. Knowing my luck it would all get returned to me plus some more.

We were going through the boxes looking for some platters that a consignor decided she wanted back and I came across box after box of stuff that doesn't even belong to me. It is old consignment stuff that was never picked up by the consignors.

For pete's sake, I have a stove sitting on my patio it has been there for well over a year and the owner will not come and get it. It is a nice stove made in the 1970's by Sears, it is made to look like an antique stove and has a lot of cast iron on it but now it is probably a rusted mess. I have tried all venues I know in an attempt to sell it. The owner will not return my phone calls.

I am revamping my online antique shop to where I don't have so much in inventory and trying to focus on the items that sell quickly and are more worth my time and effort. All the little knick-knack stuff is going away as are the books and art.

Another garage sale is in my future and I guess that everything else will be sent to auction. Now I just need to get off my butt and go into attack mode and 'git r done.'

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