Friday, June 24, 2011

Finding Some Great New Inventory, Unusual Too

Anyone who has followed this blog is well aware of my issue with all the boxes from my antique shop. I have made some pretty good headway the past two weeks in sorting the boxes in to new inventory for the shop, donate and send to auction.

My eldest daughter and I had a garage sale last week with the first lot of boxes and I was actually able to part with some items I did not think I could let go. We advertised it as 'Antique Shop Liquidation & Garage Sale' so people came to the sale knowing that not everything would be priced at garage sale prices. Dealer's were able to find great inventory and still make a nice profit.

I like the unusual, and tend to purchase items that are a little odd looking. The item shown in the photo is an early stapler of sorts. It has a very sharp metal tip under the plunger and apparently you would place some sort of crimper item in the 3 circular areas, place your paper under the metal plunger and WHAP the plunger and your stack of paper would be held together by the little crimpers. Or at least this is what I think the process was.

If you know what this item is please let me know. It will be up for sale when I get the new website up and running in the next couple of months.

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