Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New Antique Show on the Horizon

Rumor has it that the infamous Keno Bros. from Antiques Roadshow are going to have a 'reality' show on Fox. The title is "Buried Treasure"

Here is the concept - "The brothers will travel the country hunting for hidden gems in peoples’ homes. Using their expertise and technology to determine authenticity and condition, the duo will reveal each item’s estimated auction value and gives the family a chance to sell. In some instances, the Kenos will bring the items to the world’s top buyers. At the end of each episode, you’ll learn if the item sold and for how much."

What do you think about this? There used to be a show with this very same concept and I personally don't think the Keno Bros. are going to make any difference.

I have heard rumblings of another American Pickers type show. In my opinion this is all getting a little out of hand. Come up with a new concept, of which I have seen many, and quit redoing what is already out there or has been done.

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Marion said...

that's very interesting - I'm in the UK we have a show here called 'Cash in the Attic'. The theme is that the family has to find a sum of money for a special treat like a holiday and the TV team comes in and searches among their belongings to see if there are any valuables that can be sold. The pieces are then taken to an auction in order to raise the money.