Friday, October 27, 2006

Vintage Hats and Ties... Coming to my Antique Shop

I am so excited about this consignment that I just took in. Vintage hats, in the original hat boxes, or atleast most of them are in their original hat boxes.

The man I am selling them for, his 83 year-old mother recently passed away and she was a hat lady. When I went to his garage sale I noticed a mink trimmed hat that he was selling for $3.00. I offered him my card and told him that any hats he did not sell, I would be more than happy to sell for him.

He asked me what I thought they were worth and when I told him... he pulled them all from the sale. This past Wednesday he brought them over to me and it looks like there are about 40 hats, he sold about that many at $3.00.

I guess that I could have taken advantage of his lack of knowledge of the price of vintage hats... like atleast 1 dealer that I know of had already done. But there was just a little voice inside me that day that lured me in another direction.

When he came over the other day to drop the hats off, he said that the dealer came back to buy the rest of the hats and when he told them that he was putting them on consignment with someone she became rather beligerent and said something to the effect that he would probably get ripped off by the person doing the consignment, you can't trust those people. He said that his reply to her was that he doubted that because I had been honest about the true price of the hats in the first place and didn't just swoop in and buy them all up.

Most of the time I just go on about my business and purchase items for myself or that I can resell without a second thought as to what price might be on them. But there were just so many of the hats, he also had a full length leather coat and a tea length black mink coat, and I just did what I felt was appropriate for the situation. Right or wrong.

I just can't wait to get into these vintage hats and get started putting them in inventory. Red and purple seem to have been her favorite colors, so all of you Red Hat Ladies... you need to keep and eye on my shop over the next couple of weeks or email me to be notified when I get them posted.

Some of these old hats are pretty outlandish as well, which in my mind makes them all that more amazing. She is / was an African American lady and I can just visualize her wearing these.
We have camel hair, straw, satin, beads, feathers, felt, veiled and one that has a lampshade look to it.

Now to the vintage men's ties. I have had these vintage clip-on and regular ties for quite sometime and just never got around to getting them posted in the antique shop site but while I post the hats I will also get the ties listed as well.

I also have some faux suit pocket handkerchiefs. These folded satin hankies are attached to a piece of thin cardboard and you just slip that down into the pocket of you suit coat pocket. It looks like you have a perfectly folded hanky in your pocket. I have a variety of colors and styles.

I will be adding more vintage infant and children's clothes too.

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Regina said...

That was such a nice story and it was so kind of you not to take advantage of the man. His mom spent many a dollar on those items and he will surely benifit from your intervention!