Sunday, February 03, 2008

I Will No Longer Make Referrals To Craigslist To Sell Items

The other day I was trying to post a few items to craigslist and as soon as I would get them posted they would get "flagged" taken off of the list. This continued, even after I changed wording, read all of the TOS, Terms of Use, etc.

I ran this through their forum and after being treated rather rudely, I started looking at some of the listing and noted that the same people tend to have numerous listings on the craisglist site.

There is no policing of who is flagged and who isn't. If your post is flagged it is removed... no questioned asked and it is the user's that do the flagging.

For many years I have recommended this as a site to sell your antiques, collectibles and memorabilia items but no longer. I do not recomment using this forum, it has a Gestapo feel and I think that the time has come for it to dissappear.

I am in the process of creating a venue for people to sell antiques, collectibles and memorabilia for a very small fee. I will be the only "monitor" and it will be a fair and respectable place to do business.

I expect to have it up and running in a couple of weeks.


Kiki said...

Hi, you have nice blog and thanks for sharing information on antiques

antiquesNut said...

I have found craigslist to be very useful. The owners do not seem to bother anyone, but the users are very competetive. I just posted a new ewebsite with free ads for antiques and antiques related events etc. check it out:

Nancy Matson said...

Hi Michelle

I can't find an email for you, but would you be willing to let me interview you about your work for my blog, Workin' It? I interview someone about their job every week -- the current Q&A is with a middle school teacher.

if you're interested, come visit me at Thanks.


PS You might be getting flagged on craigslist if you have any links to outside sites, such as this one. Even though you might consider it germane to your posting, any posting that can be viewed as promoting commercial interests will get pulled (once a few craigslisters have flagged it)

Don't know if this applies to you -- it's happened to me.

auctionmemory said...

I'm not sure how you feel about ebay, but this new tool emails you every five days with the specific product listings you are looking for

passionforthepastantiques said...

I find some of the craigslist buyers rather strange. They ring or email with offers that many times are insulting or they never show up after making commitments. Is this only my experience? I doubt it very much. I'd like to see other comments from other dealers regarding this situation.

Gil Sequira said...

I have used Craigsliet here in Minneapolis for a long time with no problems. It may just be what Nancy said, make sure you have no links.

Leonce Antiques said...

I am sorry you had such a bad experience with craigslist. I have heard that the users are very protective of their community, and often lash out at newcomers if they don't follow a certain "code". What that code is, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I wonder if, to a certain degree, if it's a matter of sellers trying to "flag" out their competition.