Monday, December 10, 2007

My online antique shop site shoots craps during the holiday season

I am so upset over the fact that my website is not fully functioning at the busiest time of year.

It started out 5 months ago as a simple redesign of the website and has turned into a complete mess that I am being billed for.

My side menu is gone... where, I don't know but I cannot get it to reappear. I have not been able to add new inventory for all these months either.

So if you happen to need something for the holidays please email me and I will see if I have it in stock.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused any of my regular customers.


Anonymous said...

My comment relates to the Klumpe Pharmacist doll on your site. I have this exact doll, & I bought it in Barcelona in the early 1970's for my soon to be husband. What is actually missing from your doll in his right hand is a pair of forceps holding a tooth! He is a dentist doll! I bought a teacher with pupil at a black board for myself. So nice to see they are now in demand.

Linda said...


I just popped in to say I am enjoying finding my way around your pages of china marks. I am an absolute beginner on them, and am attempting to catalogue a large museum collection in Australia.

So I can provide you with heaps and heaps and heaps of china marks if you would like them.



Austin Antiques Show said...

Site looks great to me - no sidebar needed.

Thought your and your readers might be interested in knowing about the 2nd Annual Heritage Society of Austin CIRCA Antiques Show that will be held April 18-20, 2008. We have a blog at and are revealing the dealers every few days.

The show is being hosted by the Heritage Society of Austin -- Austin's oldest and largest preservation group that has been working for more than fifty years to preserve and promote Austin's treasures -- and produced by a large and committed committee of volunteers.

Thanks for letting me us your blog space.

Anonymous said...

Your dolls listed as European Russian or Polish dolls are actually Croatian. The one with the red hair piece is from the Prigorje region of Croatia and the other one is from the Posavina region of Croatia. I teach Croatian folk dancing and I know all of the costumes. I hope this helps. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

as i browsed, i stumbled upon a site selling japanese antiques.. i would like to have your personal comment on it.. would you recommend it?
it's at

thanks! :)

Mishy said...

I personally would be hesitant to recommend this website to anyone as it is directing people to ebay auctions and without actually seeing some of these items there is no way to know if they are TRUE antiques from the periods defined or even antiques at all. These items are being heavily reproduced. Purchase with care.

Mike McNabb said...

Can anyone think of a good way to verify antiques from the perspective of a seller online? I want my buyers to trust me and they will be reputation but to get the ball rolling with newbies I'd like to have guarantee for them.

Any ideas?

Mike McNabb
Stiles Auction, LLC

Gene Robert Brownfield Jr. said...

I too sell Antiques and collectibles, on E-bay & in a booth at the Super flea on St. John ave in Northeast Kansas city on weekends. and have a Booth at the heart of America outdoor market. at Stadium Dr. & 40 hwy. If you are looking to buy Antiques from people on ebay, I would suggest you carefully read the feedback profile. and the return policy they have.
some sellers are listing items they don't know a lot about, and going on what other's have told them. so if you buy something for a investment, you are making a gamble like any other investment.
I would advice you buy what you like. you will be happy and there is a chance that someone else will like it to if you want to sell. if you want to see what I offer check

Latrice said...

I believe I have at least 10 original klumpe and roland dolls. I've searched the internet for specific things to see if what I have is authentic. The dolls I have has a handwritten number on a blue little tag stapled to the back of the clothing. Thr roland dolls has the tag stapled on the back, plus a heartshaped tag hanging from the hand or arm. My grandmother had them for a while. Please give me some insight. Pictures can be availabe per response.