Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Opportunity For YOU To Be On an Antique Hunt Reality TV Show

To all collectors and antiquers on the West Coast ** I was contacted by phone last night and asked to spread the word about a great opportunity to participate on a new Reality TV show. Here is the link for additional details - The Big Deal

Please pass this on to anyone you know on the Western side of the US who might be interested.

They are moving quickly with casting so time is of the essence.

This is not a hoax, I, Michelle, actually spoke with someone on the phone and received an email with the details.

Here is the casting blurb that was sent to me:


Teams of 2 scour the country for the highest valued rare finds, antiques, and collectibles for a shot at a major cash prize.

TREASURE HUNTERS, BARGAIN SPOTTERS, FLEA MARKET LOVERS, SAVVY PICKERS, and CASUAL COLLECTORS – if you love the thrill of the chase to find a hidden treasure, if you spend weekends meandering through flea markets, if you have a sixth sense for worthy collectibles or can sniff out a bargain or a hidden Gem from miles away, we want to meet you!  We are currently searching for teams near or in California.

A major cable network has launched a search for pairs of treasure hunting enthusiasts to participate in a fun new series. Couples, friends, colleagues, siblings – any duo that shares a passion for their hobby and knows how to do it better than anyone else – is who we’re looking for.

Remember, this is MORE than being able to find the best bargain for a dress at a thrift shop.  We want people with a good eye for rare finds, those hidden gems, and people that often find valuable stuff and buy it at great prices! Have you found an old $5 candle stick that is actually worth way more???  We want to know about your finds!

Candidates may be any combination of men or women of any age who have fervor for finding and an undeniable will to win! Sorry, professional buyers/sellers are not eligible – this opportunity is for weekend warriors who do it purely for the love of the hunt.

Keep me posted if any of you who read my blog make the show. GOOD LUCK!!

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Nicole said...

I would love to be on a tv show like this. The concept is so fun! When does it air on tv?