Sunday, January 23, 2011

Storage Wars TV Show - What Is Your Opinion

I will give any TV show a chance especially if it deals with antiques and or collectibles, even junk at times. American Pickers has been crossed off my list of must see TV shows, if they "picked" something other than the same old stuff it might be interesting, also the dark haired guy gets on my last nerve.

Pawn Stars, I will watch it if nothing else is on they do get some neat stuff. I have even been to their shop in Vegas.... talk about over priced.... WOW. Anything that has been on the show is marked "As seen on TV." There is lots of it around too.

Storage Wars... give me a break. I have bought a few storage sheds at auction and it is loads of fun, like any auction. Storage Wars has a shill, this is the rich guy who runs the price up on lockers he has no intention of purchasing. I don't think this is illegal but it is certainly unethical, and the auctioneer knows that he is running the bids up. Have you wondered why there is rarely anybody but those on the TV show at these auctions? 1) Made for TV, not exactly reality TV 2) the auctioneer has a piss poor reputation because he allows shill bidding.

I have seen auction houses go under when they get the reputation for shill bidding. This makes it no fun for anyone and if you aren't getting a bargain and having fun at an auction, why attend.

I would love your input on this show and whether or not you have ever been to a storage auction.

Happy collecting.


Aunt Min said...

Dear Granny, I am glad to see I am not the only one who sees what I call sarcastic humor in these same shows. Safety issues as well, I let "the pickers" know about making America aware of where some of these elderly hoarders are located in the 1st season of the show. Less clues to these supposed "honey holes" were seen in the following seasons episodes unless the collectors were willing to have followers descend upon their property. Also on the Storage Wars, I get tired of the wife of the "Poor couple" whining about their money. Granted they should budget to make a buck, but I am assuming that they are regulars on the series so they are getting a stipend for the show. Also they don't seem to drive a beat up van to the auction sites do they? As for the "shill" he should get locked in a locker a few times, he just has bad manners. I do love the junk though and that is why I keep getting sucked into watching just one more episode. I'm an antique and junk collector born and bred, and I just Love your website.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you this is a "made for TV show" I watch these type of shows to get an idea of what stuff is worth as when yard sale/auction season comes around I have an idea of what Iam doing
I too have been to self storage auctions and for the most part what`s in these are pure garbage.
American Pickers has to be the most staged show on tv to-day it`a a joke.

Court Records said...

yup, i agree. going to auction should fun and interactive not to put yourself in strain.

Ray said...

I used to work for a big moving company that did cell style storage and I have been to an auction or two. They are fun and you can find some interesting stuff. That guy Dave is a little bit of a jerk but that's why the dynamic of the show is the way it is. It makes it more watchable when you have someone to root for. Personally I like Barry. I think he is a little out there but definitely a friendly guy. When I saw him get those aluminum hard hats what were very detailed (I was watching in HD) I was happy. Dave burned himself in that episode because Barry made out and Dave bought a worthless bike.

Free Auction Ads said...

I believe the stars of the show are the collectibles, not necessarily the cast

Anonymous said...

Who is producing this "show"? They say "so and so made so much money" but they don't show somebody buying this stuff. Phoney baloney!
The last show with Dave buying a wicker bedroom and saying he will get $600-$700 was a real joke! Get real, TV!

karen said...

my son loves this show . I get tired of the same people on it all the time. I don't like the pickers either really. And pawn stars is ok but I get bored fast. I we ever have a storage auction around here my son wants to go. We have never been to one yet.

Anonymous said...

They also don't show the aftermath of the auction, because the buyer MUST dispose of all garbage and not in the Dumpster of the storage, either. So, there are hauling and dump fees. Have you been to the dump lately to see the cost?? And how come these guys are the only ones buying units??