Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is It Ever Going To End.... ARG....

We got moved out of the antique shop on Feb. 26th., a month ago. I am still buried in boxes (the photo is not an actual shot of my pile of boxes but close). My living room, dining room, garage, patio and  overflowing into the backyard, it is driving me bonkers and to make matters worse the weather has been horrible so I can't even get out and sort things.

If it isn't raining it is snowing therefore, I cannot take the tarp off the items stored outside and I can't work on the garage because I have to move those boxes to the driveway.

I have some really amazing new inventory to put on the website but I can't get to it. Also all of my books are packed up.

Some of the items will be going to the antique shop in Shawnee, quite a few of the items the consignor's have now decided they want their items back (not the way the boxes were originally packed) and the rest stays here at the house to be sold online.

Truckloads have already gone to auction and I have a feeling that when I am able to finally get to work on the boxes even more will be going to Sharp's auction.

All I can see are dollar signs sitting around in boxes making me crazy and costing me sales.


jwd said...

I do not know how blog works.
I have a nice small cup with no marks. Is there a web site that assists a person in identifying unmarked pieces? If there is not, then there might be an unmet need that someone could fulfill. It would help me immensely!
Thank you to anyone who answers.
If I did this wrong then tell me what to do to make it right, please.

Mishy said...

There are a number of sites, including mine, who show backstamps and have some history. There are also loads of books containing this information.

sweet european dreams said...

I feel your pain! We've just moved to CO recently and there are very few outdoor markets where i can sell, sell, sell! Our garage is busting and yes, dollar signs are all I see as well! Hope your transition has smoothed out some by now! -diane

dancilhoney said...

i agree, they are great looking pieces & i really like them in the kitchen & bedroom!
antique roll top desks

Joseph Hogan Wilks said...

I know what it is like to move shop. I had to get one of those self storage units in Houston to hold most of my merchandise while i set up. A real pain to have to move everything to multiple locations. but as you know, well worth it!

Lily said...

Best of success to you on your move from retail space to online shop.

free auction ads said...

Congrats on your move to an online shop.