Sunday, June 07, 2009

The location of my antique shop

In response to a comment I received concerning the location of my antique shop and where one might find other Kansas antique shop listings;

Mike, I look forward to seeing you. I am located in a suburb of Kansas City
our town is Lenexa aka Shawnee Mission. The address is 9230 Pflumm Rd Lenexa, Kansas 66215

As for a website with other antique shops in Kansas I am not aware of one but I have a free publication in the shop "Discover Mid-America" and it lists quite a few antique shops. Each region of
the U.S. should have a version of this newspaper which is free to the public and
can be found in most antique shops.

Thank you for visiting, Michelle

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tootpres said...

Thank you for your site. I too have picked up a lot of antiques over the years, and my house and yard are full of them. I might suggest to you what I have been doing to acquire a lot of mine. I go online to It is from Goodwill stores all over the USA. I find cheap items and collectable antiques galore. You could too, to add to your store. I too have a ghost or spirit in my home by the way. The lady who owned this house before me, lived here for 40 yrs. We believe it is she who still sticks around. I have never seen or heard her, but my dogs do, and my two small grandsons will smile towards the same corner the dogs will growl at, or stare at. The same corner where neighbors have told me where Mildred was found dead in her rocking chair, after her daughter came over to fix her some lunch. So she is a peaceful spirit watching over her homestead. Apparently she too likes all the antiques. Have a great week, and a Happy New Year...Tootie Preston