Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Are Opening A Live Store In the KC Metro Area

My Granny's Attic Antiques and Collectibles is going LIVE.... if you live in the Johnson County Kansas area and are looking to rent "booth" space please contact me.

This is not going to be your traditional antique mall with partitioned off sections, garage sale stuff and oodles of trashy crafts. Our shop will be set up much as a department store with your kitchen section, tableware, textiles, bathroom and vanity, etc.

I have a relatively new line of clothing Muze Clothes that we will carry as well as items from Funky People. Wonderful scented soaps and lotions and much more.

We will have a "recycle center" an area with used, not vintage, clothing, good used small electronics and furniture items.

There will be an antique resource library where you can come in and research you antiques and collectible using our resource books and once or twice a month we will hold classes on a particular topic relating to antiques and memorabilia.

I am also hoping that we will be able to lure unknown artist's in to sell their works especially outsider art or tramp art. I have always wanted an outsider art gallery.... this might be it.

I go into this with very mixed emotions. I am finally expanding my business and getting my inventory out of my home, I will be able to reclaim some of my space at home. But after working at home for 8 years it will be difficult to get up and go to work everyday.

The online shop will of course still be around.

If you are ever in this neck of the woods please drop by. The address will be here on the blog as well as the website.


TK42ONE said...

Congratulations! How funny that I'm just now starting to work from home (same job, just at home now). Hope everything goes well for you!

Ralph DeLuca said...

Next time I am in the area, I will make sure to visit your shop. I collect old movie posters and concert posters, in case you ever get that type of stuff in.
Good Luck
Ralph DeLuca
Madison, NJ

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Speaking of shop locations, I found this cool site where you can list your antique shop (looks like an ad or directory) for free. Looks like it will let people who are traveling find antique shops that are near the Interstate Highways with their cell phone. Like an iphone app or something. Looks neat. Can't hurt.
I put my info in there.
heres the site address

Rocky FL

Zach's Mom said...

Nice! Congratulations and keep it up! I personally love vintage stuff. I do have a few collections too. I collect vintage lamps and small collectibles like rare coins. I am even buying silver coins sometimes to add up on my collectibles! Congrats on your new career!