Friday, December 20, 2013

The Holiday Season Can Be Painful for Many Reasons

For many the holidays are the best time of the year. They look forward to all the cooking, baking, family time and finally gift giving. Not me so much anymore. If I had my way we would just straight from October to January.

I see my family once a week a family dinner. When it comes to baking, well my family would rather that I didn't. I am not much of a shopper unless it is an antique shop or flea market.

Things weren't so bad until my mom passed away 4 years ago this coming January and that just seemed to have sucked a lot of joy out of Christmas. Mom loved Christmas. She loved everything about it. Some years ago my brother and his family quit coming up to spend Christmas with us and that took a toll on her but otherwise she was jolly and ho, ho, ho.

My recent article for was written in memory of my mom.

Christmas Memories of my Mom; Antique Dealer, Collector and Family Historian

I hope that you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Looking For a Reasonably Priced Antique Appraisal?

All collectors of antiques, collectibles and other vintage wares are curious as to the value of their items.

Antique appraisals can get very expensive so one of the companies that I write for has made it possible to get a low cost personal appraisal on just about anything you can think of and I will be doing the appraisal.

It is a very simple process, just go to "Ask Michelle" on the Discover Vintage America Website, follow the simple instructions and within a week or less you will receive an email from me with all of the information you are requesting.

Since you and I are in direct email communication you can ask for additional information on your item, clarification on the information I have given you or anything else that comes to mind in regards to the item.

Here is my online video debut telling you how simple it is to get a low cost personal appraisal. Yep, this is me in the video. Enjoy!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Share Your Halloween Memories With Us

Vintage home made halloween costumes
My mom always spent months crafting Halloween costumes for my brother and I but one year something went terribly wrong. We ended up looking something like this photo, except he had a tie around his neck.

It was all good. We had a great time as usual.

I would love to see your Halloween costumes both past and present so please be sure to share photos or stories.

Enjoy my Halloween article for


Monday, October 21, 2013

A Great Gift Idea or Extra Income

Jewelry Candles, yes there is an actual piece of jewelry inside each candle and the neat thing is that when you order your candle you specify the ring size that you want. 

The candles smell amazing and you get the added bonus of a beautiful piece of jewelry.

If you are looking for an extra source of income I highly recommend the Jewelry Candle Co. I am not one that gets involved in selling items through companies such as this. 

The main reason I joined the Jewelry Candle Co. is because I LOVE quality candles and IT COSTS YOU NOTHING TO BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR. Let me repeat that, there is no start-up costs to you. You get your own website, free of charge and there is no out-of -pocket expense.

I am an antique dealer and have family obligations. Money is tight too but I saw this as the perfect opportunity to earn some extra income... at no cost to me and enjoy wonderful candles in the process.

If you are looking for a great gift or need extra income I highly recommend these guys.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Opportunity For YOU To Be On an Antique Hunt Reality TV Show

To all collectors and antiquers on the West Coast ** I was contacted by phone last night and asked to spread the word about a great opportunity to participate on a new Reality TV show. Here is the link for additional details - The Big Deal

Please pass this on to anyone you know on the Western side of the US who might be interested.

They are moving quickly with casting so time is of the essence.

This is not a hoax, I, Michelle, actually spoke with someone on the phone and received an email with the details.

Here is the casting blurb that was sent to me:


Teams of 2 scour the country for the highest valued rare finds, antiques, and collectibles for a shot at a major cash prize.

TREASURE HUNTERS, BARGAIN SPOTTERS, FLEA MARKET LOVERS, SAVVY PICKERS, and CASUAL COLLECTORS – if you love the thrill of the chase to find a hidden treasure, if you spend weekends meandering through flea markets, if you have a sixth sense for worthy collectibles or can sniff out a bargain or a hidden Gem from miles away, we want to meet you!  We are currently searching for teams near or in California.

A major cable network has launched a search for pairs of treasure hunting enthusiasts to participate in a fun new series. Couples, friends, colleagues, siblings – any duo that shares a passion for their hobby and knows how to do it better than anyone else – is who we’re looking for.

Remember, this is MORE than being able to find the best bargain for a dress at a thrift shop.  We want people with a good eye for rare finds, those hidden gems, and people that often find valuable stuff and buy it at great prices! Have you found an old $5 candle stick that is actually worth way more???  We want to know about your finds!

Candidates may be any combination of men or women of any age who have fervor for finding and an undeniable will to win! Sorry, professional buyers/sellers are not eligible – this opportunity is for weekend warriors who do it purely for the love of the hunt.

Keep me posted if any of you who read my blog make the show. GOOD LUCK!!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

How To Sell Your Antiques, Collectibles and Memorabilia

Are you interested in information on the various ways to sell your antiques and collectibles? 

Read my latest article on

Something that I did not include in the article is to peruse Craigslist "Wanted" ads. You might just find people who are looking for the item you have for sale. I have sold a number of items this way.

Feel free to post your favorite suggestions on selling your items. What venues have worked well for you?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Interview With Steve Santini of "Deals From the Darkside"

Steve Santini
Finger Vise - OUCH
If you watched "Deals From the Darkside" you are going to love my recent article for where I interviewed Steve Santini. Steve is a collector of ancient devices of restraint and torture as well as an extreme escape artist and curator of RMS Titanic artifacts.

A few photos of items in Steve's collection -


German Witch's Gown

* All images were provided by Steve Santini and are his property. Use of these images without his expressed written consent is prohibited.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Latest Article on - Architectural Salvage

Jeff's Architectural Salvage in Weston, MO.
Not only is Jeff's business great but the historic location, including the town of Weston, Missouri, is worth a visit.

I love architectural salvage and when you can purchase it at wholesale prices it just ups the ante a big.

Here are a few other photos I took on my recent visit to Weston.

One of many Antibellum Homes in town
Paper press
An etched glass sign on a store front

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Yes, I am still alive and kicking

Gosh I didn't realize it has been so long since I posted to my blog. Shame on me.

So many things have been going on the past few months that it is hard to keep up with everything. I am still trying to get inventory sorted for the newly redesigned website. What type of smalls are people buying these days? It would help if I had some input as to what you are looking for.

I do have another Hermes Jr. typewriter and a blue Royal typewriter, sterling silver picture frames, a Tiffany sterling award bowl that is precious, loads of ephemera such as old bills (scrapbookers would love it), a beautiful set of blue glasses and ice bucket. The list is never ending.

I am really excited about a new opportunity. I will be writing the Q&A column for Discover Vintage America  and soon I will post details on how to get your questions to me. They are also creating a page where, for a nominal fee, you can ask me your antique, collectible or vintage questions and I will respond within a max of 48 hours.

I am finally making great progress on my Pixie, Elf and Gnome Price and Reference Guide. It will be available as a download, e-book or old fashion book format. My book about my haunted antique shop experience is in the early stages.

I have a load of photos that I want to share from my travels the past year and hope to get those loaded before next year.

That is my life in the past couple of months in a nutshell. Oh, we just had kittens too.

I'll be back soon with more information on the new opportunity that came my way.

Thank you for reading, Michelle aka Granny