Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is It Ever Going To End.... ARG....

We got moved out of the antique shop on Feb. 26th., a month ago. I am still buried in boxes (the photo is not an actual shot of my pile of boxes but close). My living room, dining room, garage, patio and  overflowing into the backyard, it is driving me bonkers and to make matters worse the weather has been horrible so I can't even get out and sort things.

If it isn't raining it is snowing therefore, I cannot take the tarp off the items stored outside and I can't work on the garage because I have to move those boxes to the driveway.

I have some really amazing new inventory to put on the website but I can't get to it. Also all of my books are packed up.

Some of the items will be going to the antique shop in Shawnee, quite a few of the items the consignor's have now decided they want their items back (not the way the boxes were originally packed) and the rest stays here at the house to be sold online.

Truckloads have already gone to auction and I have a feeling that when I am able to finally get to work on the boxes even more will be going to Sharp's auction.

All I can see are dollar signs sitting around in boxes making me crazy and costing me sales.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

There is a season for everything.

My life changed in January of this year, sometimes life will just kick you square in the teeth to get your attention and that is what happened to me.

My mom passed away suddenly on Jan. 13 and this made me stop and analyze my life, my priorities and my purpose for being on this planet.

Several changes are underway but the big one was the closing of my live antique shop, my dream. My last day of business was Feb. 20 I then had 5 days to move out of a very large business with (now I find out) nowhere to go. My overhead was ridiculous and the lenders and landlords would not work with me. The economy of course sent the business over the edge.

The online shop will be bigger and better than ever once I get it moved over to the new site with loads of new inventory. This should happen toward the end of the month. At the moment I am so overwhelmed with all the "inventory" piled all over my house, patio and backyard. I am behind on getting orders shipped and as if this weren't enough I am sick as a dog.

What else will I be changing in my life? Spend time with my family; the shop sucked up all of my time and energy, start eating better and exercising again; both of which went by the wayside with the store, garden; oh my gosh how I have missed working in my garden, try and get through the mourning process; this was very hard to do with the shop.

I will miss all of the paranormal energy and spirits that kept me company in the store - I felt a great attachment and fondness for  the spirits especially the little boy who was ever present. Who knew that I would ever feel a fondness for at least 10 ghosts but I spent more time with them than I did my family. I hope to be able to get back into the shop and investigate again soon while there are no antiques in place.

I will miss my many wonderful customer's I met some amazing people through the shop.

I got to live my dream for over a year and that is more than  many people get.

Be sure and visit the shop online 24/7 and come back often.