Sunday, August 27, 2006

RPM Backstamp on Antique Porcelain and China

I have another update to the RPM porcelain mark, this is in our new Antiques and Collectibles Information Center. Hopefully this update will take care of any questions that should crop up about this backstamp.

It does indicate that one needs to closely evaluate the antique china piece in order to determine when it could have been created.

An old piece of china will show signs of wear whether it is utensil marks on the surface from years of eating from it or rough places on the rim from a plate hanger from being on display. The underside will also show signs of wear. Whereas a new piece will not have these age spots. You might have to get a magnifying glass out to really study the piece.

Antiques and Collectibles Information Center

I am working on a new component to my antique shop website. It is the Antiques and Collectibles Information Center.

You can catch-up on the latest antique news via RSS feeds from several different sources. I will be posting vintage recipes, you can read articles covering a variety of antique, collectible and memorabilia topics such as Early American Pressed Glass, Kitchenware, etc.

This area is to educate and inform. My hope is to make you a more knowledgable collector. In this day and age of mass reproduction of so many antique items I believe this is very important to us all.

Be sure to drop by and let me know what you are interested in learning more about.