Friday, February 07, 2014

50 Years Ago The Beatles Changed American Music and Changed Us

Granted, I was only 4-years-old the night The Beatles stepped on the stage for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show but I do remember watching that evening.

I became a Beatles fan on the spot. I was in love with Ringo and wanted to own every song they put out.

John Lennon's music has always touched me. He had such passion for peace and love. I still tear-up when I think that this beautiful man had his life cut short because of one sick person with a gun.

Eventually I did have all of their music and many wonderful Beatles memorabilia items. It was one of those "who knew" situations when my mom sold it all at a garage sale before me moved to Singapore.

I do still have a couple of albums and a few 45s left and I have always said that if my some chance I win the lottery I will get another Beatles lunch box and the nodder dolls.

Please enjoy my most recent article for on The Beatles.

Share with us your memories of the Beatles and whether or not you still have any of the early memorabilia.