Monday, October 28, 2013

Share Your Halloween Memories With Us

Vintage home made halloween costumes
My mom always spent months crafting Halloween costumes for my brother and I but one year something went terribly wrong. We ended up looking something like this photo, except he had a tie around his neck.

It was all good. We had a great time as usual.

I would love to see your Halloween costumes both past and present so please be sure to share photos or stories.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Great Gift Idea or Extra Income

Jewelry Candles, yes there is an actual piece of jewelry inside each candle and the neat thing is that when you order your candle you specify the ring size that you want. 

The candles smell amazing and you get the added bonus of a beautiful piece of jewelry.

If you are looking for an extra source of income I highly recommend the Jewelry Candle Co. I am not one that gets involved in selling items through companies such as this. 

The main reason I joined the Jewelry Candle Co. is because I LOVE quality candles and IT COSTS YOU NOTHING TO BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR. Let me repeat that, there is no start-up costs to you. You get your own website, free of charge and there is no out-of -pocket expense.

I am an antique dealer and have family obligations. Money is tight too but I saw this as the perfect opportunity to earn some extra income... at no cost to me and enjoy wonderful candles in the process.

If you are looking for a great gift or need extra income I highly recommend these guys.