Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Love This Funny - The Antiques Roadshow in 1540

Sunday, October 28, 2012

You Aren't Going To Believe This - YOU Need To Take Action

March 25, 2013 - UPDATE - Yes, the little people can fight city hall and win. When you read the article below about Bright's Antique World and the injustice or abuse of power they experienced there is a silver lining. The law was changed and they are pursuing civil action. See the below link to read the article http://www.franklinfavorite.com/articles/2013/03/15/news/doc5141e8c1debd5862179835.txt

A Call To Action

There are a couple of items that I recently became aware of which could seriously impact all of us who deal and dabble in antiques, collectibles and vintage wares. I am asking for your help to see that these wrongs are righted and that our voices are heard loud and clear.

While on my recent excursion, you will hear more about that shortly, I picked up one of those free publications that advertises area antique shops “The Busy Bee Trader”. I came across an article that blew my skirt over my head.

Riley Bright and his wife Linda have owned Bright's Antique World in Franklin, Ky for ten years. For ten years they have sold a variety of animal mounts all of which are professionally taxidermied and manufactured or crafted by licensed professionals. Not one of the mounts that they have sold or currently have for sale is an endangered or protected animal.

The Bright's business was raided this past February by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife for illegally selling 'protected' wildlife. They were charged with 31 felony counts under a law written in 1942. So far this has cost Mr. Bright $2,000 and the case has been deferred for 24 months. Please read the full article.

I felt compelled to call Mr. Bright to hear the story firsthand and he assured me that the mounts they sell are no different than those you find in any antique shop or flea market around the country.  The Ky. 1942 law says nothing about selling or transporting animal mounts that are not on the protected or endangered species list.

The manner in which this law is being interpreted does not affect only businesses it impacts anyone who owns an animal mount whether it is Grandpa's trophy fish or your Dad's prize buck. Under this interpretation you cannot take the piece across state lines if you are moving or sell it if downsizing. You would have to donate it or burn it.

The Brights are asking for our help. They have a petition in their shop and one online that we all need to sign to show our support. Here is the online petition.