Friday, September 07, 2012

I am also being published on

Yep, I have hit the big time. Due to my work with I have had an article published on another website they are affiliated with,

You can read that article here - it is an article that should interest anyone who buys and sells antiques and collectibles because it deals with those dreaded reproductions. Items that come up often and unless you know what to look for it is easy to get duped.

As always I welcome your feedback and suggestions for future articles.

A recent comment indicated an interest in knowing how and where to research antiques and collectibles. This is certainly a topic that needs to be covered. My first suggestion on this topic is to sign-up with, they offer a trial subscription, and it is a great place to find information and descriptions. I will get to work on an article that covers this very topic.

Thank you, Michelle

My Most Excellent Road Trip through Texas and Oklahoma

My Grandchild and one of my dogs

Are you ready for another one of my travel articles for WorthPoint? Here is the latest on my Texas trip. Enjoy!

I have quite a few photos from this trip that I am working on getting uploaded. It was a fabulous trip with many sights to see and antique shops to visit.