Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Am in Shock

I simply cannot process the evil that hit Connecticut yesterday.

Remember how Bush Jr. sprang in to action and declared war after Sept. 11 and the 'terrorist' attacks on our country? What do you do when the terrorists are living in your neighborhood, are American's and are only 20-years old?

My prayers, love, thoughts, tears and comfort are with all those impacted by the heinous evil act.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Christmas Traditions Does Your Family Have?

My family has a few Christmas traditions that go back generations and we have almost an equal number of new traditions.

Since we moved to the Kansas City area going to the Country Club Plaza and taking a carriage ride has become a tradition. All of us girls get dressed in our finest and go see the Nutcracker ballet

A few traditions passed on when my mother passed away 3 years ago.

Here is my newest article for - Baking Cookies, Making Paper Chains, Family Traditions .

I would love to hear your holiday traditions.

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Friday, November 02, 2012

Is Your First Edition Book Worth Money?

"The Great Gatsby" is one of my all time favorite books and a first edition, first printing, 1925 published by Scribner's, with the original dust jacket and in excellent condition can bring up to 6 figures.

Did you know that there are a few things you can look for in the text of the book to determine if what you have is a true first?

You want to look for "chatter" on p. 60, line 16, "northern" on p. 119, line 22, "it’s" on p. 165, line 16, "away" on p. 165, line 29, "sick in tired" on p. 205, lines 9-10, and "Union Street station" on p. 211, lines 7-8. The dust jacket will have a lowercase "j" in "jay Gatsby" on the back panel that has been hand-corrected in ink.

The art on the jacket was designed by artist Francis Cugat and is called "Celestial Eyes". Fitzgerald fell in love with the cover design and liked it so much that he incorporated parts of it in to the story.

Here is my article on First Edition Books.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

You Aren't Going To Believe This - YOU Need To Take Action

March 25, 2013 - UPDATE - Yes, the little people can fight city hall and win. When you read the article below about Bright's Antique World and the injustice or abuse of power they experienced there is a silver lining. The law was changed and they are pursuing civil action. See the below link to read the article

A Call To Action

There are a couple of items that I recently became aware of which could seriously impact all of us who deal and dabble in antiques, collectibles and vintage wares. I am asking for your help to see that these wrongs are righted and that our voices are heard loud and clear.

While on my recent excursion, you will hear more about that shortly, I picked up one of those free publications that advertises area antique shops “The Busy Bee Trader”. I came across an article that blew my skirt over my head.

Riley Bright and his wife Linda have owned Bright's Antique World in Franklin, Ky for ten years. For ten years they have sold a variety of animal mounts all of which are professionally taxidermied and manufactured or crafted by licensed professionals. Not one of the mounts that they have sold or currently have for sale is an endangered or protected animal.

The Bright's business was raided this past February by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife for illegally selling 'protected' wildlife. They were charged with 31 felony counts under a law written in 1942. So far this has cost Mr. Bright $2,000 and the case has been deferred for 24 months. Please read the full article.

I felt compelled to call Mr. Bright to hear the story firsthand and he assured me that the mounts they sell are no different than those you find in any antique shop or flea market around the country.  The Ky. 1942 law says nothing about selling or transporting animal mounts that are not on the protected or endangered species list.

The manner in which this law is being interpreted does not affect only businesses it impacts anyone who owns an animal mount whether it is Grandpa's trophy fish or your Dad's prize buck. Under this interpretation you cannot take the piece across state lines if you are moving or sell it if downsizing. You would have to donate it or burn it.

The Brights are asking for our help. They have a petition in their shop and one online that we all need to sign to show our support. Here is the online petition.

Friday, September 07, 2012

I am also being published on

Yep, I have hit the big time. Due to my work with I have had an article published on another website they are affiliated with,

You can read that article here - it is an article that should interest anyone who buys and sells antiques and collectibles because it deals with those dreaded reproductions. Items that come up often and unless you know what to look for it is easy to get duped.

As always I welcome your feedback and suggestions for future articles.

A recent comment indicated an interest in knowing how and where to research antiques and collectibles. This is certainly a topic that needs to be covered. My first suggestion on this topic is to sign-up with, they offer a trial subscription, and it is a great place to find information and descriptions. I will get to work on an article that covers this very topic.

Thank you, Michelle

My Most Excellent Road Trip through Texas and Oklahoma

My Grandchild and one of my dogs

Are you ready for another one of my travel articles for WorthPoint? Here is the latest on my Texas trip. Enjoy!

I have quite a few photos from this trip that I am working on getting uploaded. It was a fabulous trip with many sights to see and antique shops to visit.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Am in Travel Mode for the Summer

Here is my latest article for -

A friend and I took a trip to Iowa and I just returned from a seven day trip to Texas. That story will be along shortly.

Please be sure to read the above article and check back here for photos that did not get posted in the story.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Need to Cultivate Young Collectors To Keep the Antique Market Alive, Latest WorthPoint Article

I love the comments that are coming in on on this particular article. I just goes to show that many people are reluctant to change and that is why antique shops are closing left and right.

Enjoy and as usual I welcome your comments.

I have been very surprised by the comments that this article has garnered. You can see the comments just below the article on the above link.

Working on a New Article About Where to Sell Antiques and Collectibles

Hee Hee, I can peek in and see what article most people are reading and it appears that everyone is interested in where and how to sell your antiques and collectibles.

I am working on updating my post on this very topic. It changes quickly these days.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Take Advantage of Slow Winter Months to Reconsider how you Run Your Antique Shop | WorthPoint

For all of the antique shop owners both storefront and online. Here is my latest article on with a few tips on what you can do to pump up the sales.

As always, I welcome your input.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking For Antique Shopping In Springfield, MO ?

Here is my latest article about an antique mall that got started in an unusual manner. Actually it is more about doing what you have to do in this economy to make a living even if it involves stepping off in to uncharted territory.

Enjoy and as always I appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future articles.

Making it Work: Mike’s Unique Collectible & Antique Flea Market | WorthPoint:

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Few Words of Caution About Antique Appraisers

** DISCLAIMER - This post by no means relates to ALL antique and personal property appraisers. It is based on observations and conversations with numerous people who are 'certified appraisers' and TV personalities related to the antiques field.  **

I am not a certified appraiser nor a member of an appraisal related association or group, all of my knowledge comes from 'field' work, I am out in the shops, reading publications, doing research for myself and others pretty much on a daily basis. I was raised around antique dealers and have been an active dealer for 30 years. While I do get paid for doing appraisals and my appraisals have been recognized by insurance companies, moving companies, courts of law, etc.

With that said, I want to warn folks about antique and personal property appraisers and how not all of them know jack about what they are seeing or saying. Due to my professional affiliations, job and interactions I have found a substantial amount of mis-information being given to people by "certified" appraisers.

I frequently do paid appraisals for people and also free appraisal services for non-profit groups and some non-profit thrift stores. The reason I felt the need to write this post is based on a recent experience I had assisting a group preparing to have a big boutique sale of donated item. I have worked with this group for about 20 years in helping them price items for their sales but this one in particular floored me.

Fighting Against the Misuse of the Rare, the One-of-a-Kind and the Antique | WorthPoint

If you have been following my blog for any period of time you are familiar with my rants. Here is a good one for you about the misuse of the words 'rare' and 'one of a kind' when describing antiques, collectibles or memorabilia.

For the new collector the use of these words are very misleading and it also shows the ignorance of the seller in most cases.

Read on and enjoy.

Fighting Against the Misuse of the Rare, the One-of-a-Kind and the Antique | WorthPoint:

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