Monday, May 09, 2011

Educate yourself before you buy antiques or collectibles

The description on this pair of "antique leather panels" read as follows; "Pair of 19th C. Framed Embossed Leather Panels
Continental circa 1800's-Leather Panels
Pair of fine leather embossed panels that are mounted on an antique gold colored silk background. The leather pieces are framed with the most exquisite silver leaf frames. These panels can be hung as artwork in almost any location of your home." The price for the pair, a whooping $7,500 and this was the sale price.

I was asked by the purchaser of these "leather panels" if the price she paid was fair and she asked me just exactly what are these "panels."

Once I recovered from seeing the price she paid I began my expert appraisal of the "leather panels."

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Antique Blog

For several years I have tried to maintain a couple of blogs related to antiques and collectibles but due to problems with Wordpress and probably my hosting company I have decided to keep only this blog up and running.

It is really a shame that you pay a company to keep your website - antique shop in my case, up and running on their servers but they don't take any measures to make sure no one can hack your site. This is what is happening on an increasing basis with my website and the blogs I had on my hosted server.

Now that I have the blogs off of the server maybe the hacking will stop and I will be much more productive in keeping 1 blog updated instead of trying to keep several updated.

Welcome to all