Saturday, November 28, 2009

It Was A Good Day

It was a good day to be me.... an antique dealer that is. Tired, yes; weary, just a little, but it was just one of those days filled with good customer's, good friends, lots of laughter and a shop filled with boxes loaded with new and exciting incoming consignments.

Bruce Rodgers with Discover Mid-America came in to drop off the latest publication, it is always a pleasure to see him. Be sure to read their blog -

A customer came in to show me the beautiful brass National cash register that he purchased for next to nothing. I  simply love when people get excited about a purchase and are kind enough to share it with me.

A gentleman was in purchasing items for his lovely wife "because he knew that she would enjoy looking at them." The items are not a Christmas present they were a "just because" gift and those are the best kind.

A dad came in with a terrific idea for a collection of small gifts for his daughter and I am going to do the very best that I can to help him pull it all together.

Everyone was laughing or smiling today, good moods abounded. I love seeing customer's sitting in the living room sharing their antique and collecting stories it adds to the homey, comfortable feel of the shop.

One of the consignments I took in today contains a few items made by local artists from artifacts and finds from New Orleans post Katrina... they are pretty cool. There are also so shabby chic or country items in the lot.

Another consignment and one I cannot wait to start pricing and getting on the floor contains loads of wonderful Victorian items as well as antique kitchen ware, antique lighting, a National cash register (not brass) but pretty awesome anyway, and much more.

Yes, it was a good day.

Monday, November 09, 2009

The Holiday Season Is Here, Where Have I Been...

This year has flown by. I just can't believe that we are getting ready to decorate the antique shop for the holidays.

I think part of my problem is that we did not have a real summer. Oh sure the temp got up into the 90s for a week or so here and there but I LOVE a good hot summer that is what makes one look forward to the cooler days of fall and the approaching winter.

What ever the reason tis now the season and boy do we have some wonderful items coming into the shop for you.

Don't just think "new" this holiday season. Give a gift that has already stood the test of time and one that will have special meaning to the receipient. We are always willing to wiggle a little on prices and if you rush in and sign-up for our mailing list you will be invited to the holiday preview to get the goodies before everyone else.

The countdown begins.